Three Arrows was born out of friendship. David and Jon had known each other for years whilst working on parallel career paths – David in the Indie sector and Jon working in-house at the BBC. In December 2015 they launched Three Arrows which has enabled them to pool their combined 45 years of experience, extensive contacts and shared passion for creating, developing and producing quality media content.


The primary aim of the content we make is to entertain and we want our output to have broad popular appeal. We are committed to delivering outstanding entertainment to audiences worldwide.


We create content that motivates, inspires and activates audiences. We want people to emotionally engage with what we make and to seek out additional ways to interact with it via other platforms.


Our content enriches audiences by encouraging curiosity, broadening horizons and opening minds to new possibilities.




Alongside our expertise as TV programme makers and developers we have acquired a range of valuable skills and contacts which relate to the commercial exploitation of content brands. Here are a few ways in which we can add more engagement and value to a project:


From stand-alone animated shorts for Treasure Champs, to producing new ‘lockdown’ iterations of The Baby Club and Andy and the Band, Three Arrows always extends the reach of the content it creates. This work continues with the launch of The Toddler Club – an up-aged version of The Baby Club.


We’ve created countless short-form pieces of content for YouTube that have reached millions of views and have built successful social media accounts. From the online game Barry & Kari’s Treasure Quest to podcasts for The Baby Club and Andy and the Band, Three Arrows is a pan-platform content creator.


Jon has headed up the production of four hugely successful CBeebies Christmas Productions which are created as theatrical productions and then recorded ‘as-live’ for TV. We have produced a live episode of The Baby Club for CBeebies at the Summer Social event and have also filmed a live theatre performance by America’s Got Talent winner, Paul Zerdin.


We have considerable experience working alongside brand management teams to create merchandising lines – from plush to pyjamas, puzzles to pogo sticks. We are currently working alongside licensing industry veteran Vickie O’Malley at Rockpool Licensing on the development of product lines for The Baby Club.


We have publishing deals with Dorling Kindersley which has released a parent-facing title called Play & Learn With Your Baby and Centum Books for a range baby books which will be released in 2021. Many of our past shows have resulted in fiction and non-fiction TV tie-in books and magazines. From Mister Maker to Mr Bloom’s Nursery to Tickety Toc, we know how to support a successful publishing programme.


Dominic was the COO at Children’s BBC who oversaw the creation of CBeebies Land at Alton Towers. Jon was part of the team that helped to transfer Mr Bloom’s Nursery to the attraction when it opened in 2014.


Lots of people ask, so we thought we’d explain!

There are two friends in the Bible who have to think creatively and communicate with one another in code. Their idea is to fire three arrows into a field – deliberately aimed so that where they land conveys an important message.

The account says that a young boy is then sent to collect the arrows to carry them home.This story resonates with us because the two friends are called David and Jonathan.  Like them, we want our creative ideas to carry meaning and value, and we hope our content will be found and treasured by children and families all over the world

We also thought it sounded pretty cool!


Three Arrows is committed to offering opportunities to people from all backgrounds and helping them establish and develop their careers in the TV industry. We have achieved this in various ways – through internal training and promotion, BBC’s Diversity initiatives and ScreenSkills funding.

"Three Arrows really helped kick start my career and gave me the opportunity to learn how to work as a professional Researcher, and not just in Children's TV but various genres in the media industry. The whole team have been very supportive in my career development from the first day I started."

Kyran Chopra

Casting Researcher, The Baby Club

"I am extremely grateful to have been given the amazing opportunity at Three Arrows to work as a JPM, taking on the day-to-day PM responsibilities of a series, under the guidance of the HOP and PM. Via ScreenSkills funding, Three Arrows have created a detailed plan including courses, one-to-ones and external coaching."

Fiona Hume

Junior Production Manager, The Toddler Club At Home

"I joined Three Arrows as a Researcher back in 2017, and since then I’ve had nothing but continued support within my career development. They’re an amazing company to work for and I’m so proud to now have my first broadcast credit as an Assistant Producer!"

Meg Nicholson

Assistant Producer, The Baby Club