15 x 15 mins (first series) -  CBBC / CBeebies / iPlayer

Andy and the Band is a brand new comedy drama series for CBBC featuring a band like no other! In fact this band are SO unique they are known as the Odd Socks! But that’s exactly how Andy, Moxy, Rio, Blu and Cousin Mac like it. Because being an Odd Sock means digging your differences and taking on the world in your very own Odd Socky way! In every episode Andy and his musical mates embark on a mission or ‘odd job’ which involves them helping one of their fans. Whether it’s a farmer whose chickens are laying really weird objects; to a young girl who can’t control her beloved doggie or a lad whose summer holiday has been scuppered by an alien invasion – no mission is too big, too small or too…. odd!

Andy and the Band discover that by working together, almost ANYTHING is possible and that their combined Odd Sock skills will always help them come up with a totally original and ridiculous way to save the day. The series is produced in association with Ninja Pig Productions and stars BAFTA nominated presenter/actor
Andy Day (Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Andy’s Safari Adventures).

Alongside the first series, exciting new content has been produced including a ‘lockdown special’ called Andy and the Band: Live at Home and a podcast – Andy and the Band: Rockin’ Roadtrips.

Andy and the Band is distributed internationally by 9 Story Distribution.