Nov 7, 2018


Testimonial of award jury published in winners’ brochure for submitted episode (Self Respect)…

Issues of self-respect are not just a problem for adults. Negative self-image is the cause of severe psychological damage in a growing number of young and very young children across the UK. In Treasure Champs – Self-Respect, Three Arrows Media puts the spotlight on self-respect and gives it the ‘Treasure Champs’ treatment. The aim of this entertaining and informative mixed media series involving children aged 6-8 is to define and demonstrate some of the moral values that are the foundations of society. The comic, cartoon adventures of the two main animated heroes link to live-action sections in each episode where children show everyday examples of the value (treasure) that is at the centre of the episode. The judges were impressed by the way in which such an ‘abstract’ subject as self-respect was presented in a light and simple way, making it accessible to young viewer. They felt the programme’s formula worked very well – “Cartoon hosts perform their role perfectly, but it was the combination of real children and mix of stories that made it really clever.”